John Beloved

US rapper, Kanye West is pushing his new tour beyond boundaries. The rapper intends to travel the world, break and redefine the rules for his recently released ‘Jesus is King’ album.

The new tour will be taking the form of a weekly spiritual concert which holds in Los Angeles.

According to him, the tour will be far from the usual as the Sunday service format is only a part of big picture.

As reported by TMZ, the tour is meant for all kinds of venues – whether inside or out and will be versatile to fit the space.

Although Kanye is yet to announce a official date for the tour, the tour is expected to be a global event.

On Sunday, ‘Ye’ held his spiritual concert in L.A., alongside his choir and American Jazz saxophonist, Kenny G. The Singer performed some tracks from his new body of work including ‘Chick-fil-A’ and ‘Closed on Sunday’.

His new tour will be his first since the 2016 ‘Saint Pablo Tour’ which was cut short due to mental health issues.