Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi

It was evening already. The Hospital was buzzing with well Wishers. The new Mother was still perplexed – she still would not carry her baby. She lay in her student sized hospital bed, gazing into nothingness.

Visitor’s were permitted into the Ward but as soon as they saw the new mother’s expression, they kept their congratulatory messages in check. The Visitors checked the baby’s court but saw no child ; they thought within themselves that the baby was a still birth and so pitied the new mother.

Everyone that visited checked back on the mother as soon as they saw the empty court and tried to console her. They prayed with her and tried to assure her it wasn’t the end of the world. She said ‘Amen’ to their prayers – those were are only words all through. The Visitors were the more sad – this young mother must have been so battered by the loss of her child, they thought.

Unknown to them, the father was with the child on the clear instructions of the new mother. She did not want to see the baby just yet.

The baby felt her rejection first hand but a father’s love was enough to keep the child’s anger in check. The baby did not cry one bit.

Four hours after birth and the baby had not sucked, nor taken water.

The baby lay quietly on her father’s hands, not releasing her grip on his index finger. Her eyes were wide open unusually for a new born, the father noticed but what could he do? He was grateful the baby was not creating a fuss.

8:00pm and the baby was already 9 hours old, with no food, no drink, and no tears. Father was becoming worried.

The Baby noticed the worry on her Father’s face and carved a frown on her face – if her Mother did not want her, she did not want the Mother too. She tightened the grip on her Father – he looked at his Baby and was momentarily shocked.

He read the message immediately and tried to act calm. The Baby laughed, she actually laughed and closed her eyes. She was glad her Father saw, read and understood her message. She could now sleep.

The Father was shaking as he carried his sleeping Baby. ‘It could not be true,’ he thought. This must be a dream. This baby did not just talk to him. This baby did not just…

Your love, now and always
Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi Esq.