John Beloved

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has sparked outrage on social media platforms, an aftermath of the announcement that charges are now applied for renewal and replacement of the national ID card.

On Tuesday, the commission had taken to its Twitter page to notify Nigerians that those who misplaced their ID cards would pay N5000 to replace them, while those whose cards expired would pay N3000 for renewal.

“Card Renewal is N3000 while Card Replacement is N5000,” it wrote.

“When your National e-id card expires it cost N3000 payable via Remitta for renewal.”

Nigerians are clearly dissatisfied with this development has they took to twitter yesterday to register their displeasure.

“I’m still wondering why my electronic identity as a citizen in a country should be renewal based. To damage everything you want 10% (a tithe) of my minimum wage. I’m still trying to convince myself that this is not a sham and a #nextlevel extortion,” a Twitter user with the handle @Ayemojoba said.

“N5000 to renew National ID card? That means your citizenship as a Nigerian expires after a certain period of time so you have to renew your citizenship with N5000 or else you are no longer Nigerian? Who brought up this foolishness,” another user said.

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