Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi

When they told him, ‘its another girl!’ it came as a shock. A Pastor had visited and prophesied when his wife was pregnant –

‘I see a boy. Your long awaited son is finally here,’ the Pastor had said.

Their’s were days that Scan was unbiblical and so the wife was excited when the prophecy came through. She had always wanted a boy!

She carried the rest of the pregnancy with so much joy and grace. The pregnancy was her best pregnancy yet. It must surely be a boy ‘cos the baby gave her no pregnancy troubles. She was most radiant and unusually strong through it all.

The fifteenth day of the ninth month that year was a Sunday. The weather was calm for a September, all things looked bright and beautiful. Everyone was excited, it was another day of rest. Hurriedly, the couple with their two older daughters got prepared to meet with the Lord. Both husband and wife were saddled with the responsibility of teaching younger Saints and so they left the house in a hurry, oblivious of the twist of fate.

It was just another Sunday that year – Everyone eager to go to church in their best, some eager for service and another group merely for the fellowship.

The wife was taking her Sunday class at the Gallery when someone approached her. She was still teaching when she was tapped and taken out. Her water had broken.

She still didn’t feel anything.

She was taken the hospital and almost immediately, without too much of labour pangs, the baby dropped.

Yea, SHE dropped.

The mother asked to look at the child and was shocked when she saw it was a girl. With her eyes closed, she asked the Nurses once again for her child. The Nurses carried the baby close to her. She looked at the child again and then a tear dropped.

‘My child is a boy. Where is my child?’ she whispered.

The Nurses were confused. What could be happening to this woman, they thought. So they quickly reached out to her husband and informed him. The woman had refused to carry the baby. Her husband stepped in, took one look at the baby and fell in love with her immediately. He held on to her tiny hand and the baby wrapped her hands round his index. Their love became signed, sealed and delivered that day.

The baby saw it all and it never left her. They thought she was just a baby. They did not know she was more than a baby and had taken note.

Your love, now and always
Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi Esq.

She took note and will make them pay…