John Beloved

Lifestyle Entrepreneur and on-air personality, Toke Makinwa, has urged Nigerian students to fight and speak against sexual harassment by university lecturers until the ministry of education is forced to take significant actions.

On Monday, BBC Africa eye has released a 53 minutes documentary which exposed how Boniface Igbeneghu, a Lecturer in the university of Lagos made sexual advances towards an admission seeker.

This documentary rocked social media and triggered unfriendly reactions from many.

Toke, joining the fray of celebrities to criticize the accused, took to her Instagram page to advocate justice for all others who have had to undergo similar situations while going about their studies across Nigerian campuses.

“If it never happened to you, I’m sure you know someone who had to endure pressure, sexual advances, harassment and all sort of despicable utterances from these beasts called lecturers. My heart goes out to all the females out there who have gone into depression because one lecturer refused to let them go until they traded their bodies for grades,” she wrote.

“Some have committed suicide, dropped out. Watching that documentary broke me. Until you’ve had to endure it, you honestly don’t want to imagine how frustrating it can be. Lecturers purposely hold on to results, asking you to show them your breast, touch them and make them feel good or else you won’t pass the course.

“I couldn’t but imagine how many women in his church he must have also used his position of power to intimidate. Like, how can you call the name of God so carelessly? I hear he attempted suicide yesterday. What a coward! You cannot die, uncle. You must face the hand of the law.

“Do you know how many girls have jumped off a building or drank poison all because they did sleep with said lecturers and still didn’t get the grades because they want to keep having their way with them? Did you think of your own wife, kids, family, before you put another human being through hell?

“He must live and answer the law, other lecturers must be named and shamed too. Please let’s all come together to use our voice and force the ministry of education to act now, name and Shane them, jail them, this conversation must continue till they hear us.”