John Beloved

Good education, they say ‘is expensive’ but some countries have proven that adage to be obsolete.

Regardless of social stratifications and the differences in financial status, most students desire studying overseas. For-not-so-privileged students, studying overseas might be a realistic idea assuming abroad Universities’ exhaustive tuition fees and cost of living factors are cancelled out.

Luckily, there are quite a number of countries one can pursue higher degrees without paying any significant sum of money. You might only need a job to cater for your living.

So, if you have are considering having your university education outside your motherland, you should probably put your fears aside and apply to study in any of the countries listed below.

1). Germany

Public universities in Germany do not demand any tuition fee from international students except for administrative fee which is quite affordable not matter your financial status.

Germany is home to over 300 universities which offers free education to everyone.
Well, there a tiny catch: you will need a residence permit to arrive in the country and you will also have to finish your study in Germany.

There is absolutely no need to worry about communication or language factor, english is widely spoken and taught so it will be easy to get along as an international student.

2). Austria

Austria is one the few schengen States where you pay ‘peanuts’ to get quality education, not just at the university level but generally at all attainable levels of education.

As an international student, once you pay your registration fee, you can proceed to choose your niche in a plethora of advanced courses.

Austria gives fantastic opportunity to international students who desires to study at multinational and multicultural universities.

3). Norway

If you aim at pursuing a doctorate, post graduate or undergraduate degree overseas, norway is always good option.
For one, you do not have to remit a dime to anyone at all since governments finances the educational sector from tax gotten revenues.

Public institutions in Norway do not charge any institution fee regardless of your country of origin. It provides a unique opportunity to obtain a degree at a standard university without charges.

The only snag is that most of the universities in the country teach with their mother tongue. As a foreigner, you have to familiarize yourself with the language and also pass a proficiency test.

4). Czech Republic

Czech Republic is the right country to pursue a higher course in Medicine, Engineering or sciences.

By law, higher education in Czech is free of charge for students of all nationalities but you might be charged administrative and admission proceedings fees.

Education is mostly done in local languages but some universities offers courses in foreign languages especially English. This makes it quite easier for international students.

5). Belgium

Studying in Belgium gives you access to advanced learning infrastructures which would enhance your practical and theoretical knowledge.

The University of Ghent and the University of Brussels are amongst Belgium’s top universities.

An added advantage is that you can get a good placement in a good industry after your program.

6). Sweden

Not only does Sweden offer memorable tourism, it also offers free university education both to its citizens and international students.

Sweden provides scholarships for students from abroad.
Ph.D. students are often paid by the government as they carry out their research.

The University of Stockholm, Uppsala
University and Karolinska University are some of the top universities in the Scandinavian country.

7). France

Not only is France known for its Eiffel tower, it also provides all students with free quality education

The country has about 39 universities which offers an almost free education whether for mainstream or creative courses.
To get an edge in France, candidates need to be successful on TOFEL ranks.

8). India

For as little as $7,300, you can pay your tuition fees for a whole year in India.

Although international students are not allowed to work while schooling, the standard of living is quite low.
$5,000 can take care of you for a whole year.

9). Greece

Greek modern day education is as effective as the education during the times of revered Plato and Aristotle.
Interestingly, most of the higher institutions in Greece offer their courses in the English languages.

Living in Greece is also very affordable.

10). Italy

Italy offers an almost free education to international students.

When you have to pay as little as £850 per annum for quality education, then it is quite cheap.

Besides, Italy has so much cultural heritage and history that students can learn about, asides are great food and beautiful world-renowned sites.