Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi

It’s 3:30am and I wish I could just continue to sleep but I MUST work.

On days like this, I speed up my morning routine. Unfortunately, I began to feel hungry.

I’m rarely hungry in the mornings, so the pain I was feeling was an indication of something more- I knew I needed to eat but I can’t spare a few minutes to cook anything. I do not have the time.

‘Toom toom
Toom toom’

It was a text.

I quickly rushed down to where my phone was and the text I’d received read thus –

‘Morning Mercy. You won’t be resuming at the office this morning. I need you to follow up with our transactions at Ikeja. Especially ingtxdhik. You’ll be going to the court as well. Don’t forget to send me regular updates as usual.

You should have seen how relieved I felt.

I quickly replied the text-

‘Message received.
Good Morning.’

First things first- I entered the kitchen, prepared noodles, ate till I was full and then I remembered I had not brushed- but who cares that I did not brush this morning before eating? I’ve always brushed my teeth anyways and like a wise person said :

‘too much of everything is not good’

So I guess it’s not all that bad. Don’t judge me biko.

After filling up my tummy, I did other things and slept back.

‘Toom, toom
Toom, toom’

The vibration of my phone alerting me of a received text on My phone woke me up.

‘Hope you are on your way now?

That was all I needed to know it was time to step out.

It was 8:00am sharp.

Lagos roads are always busy, thus I wasn’t the least shocked after having waited for 30 minutes and still got no bus going to ‘Ikeja inside’. I was merely worried I’d miss my 10am Court appointment.

Finally, a bus arrives. It was a battle field. Forty (40) human beings fought their way for a spot in an eighteen (18) seater bus.

I just ‘jejely’ stepped back. There was no way I was going to join the war. I’d rather be late than be the late.

Everyone was seated already in the bus and then the Driver pulled a shocker –

‘Ikeja Inside

People started to talk at the same time. Everyone argued that it was impossible. The fare was usually N200 and at most, they were willing to pay not more than N250. The driver was adamant – N300 or nothing.

People cursed and cursed and cursed but the driver wasn’t bothered.

Almost everyone alighted. Some of the patient one’s like myself took advantage of the situation and we secured for ourselves comfortable seats.

The Passengers who had alighted, cursed on but the Driver was unperturbed – he cursed back as well.

The angered Passenger’s also passed on their frustration on those of who took the offer. They talked about how it was people like us who made life difficult for the masses. They talked about how the eighteen of us were responsible for the corruption of our politicians. One man even went as far as call as ‘wicked’ – he expected that we would have joined forces with them.

Other passengers argued back.

I just kept quiet – sometimes silence is the best option.

The Driver zoomed off.

We had barely gone a kilometre when the man sitting just by the Driver, passed a comment absent mindedly –

Front Seat Passenger – ‘But lets be sincere, this fare is expensive.’

Driver – ‘You should have brought your own car. Idiot’

I was shocked immediately the driver uttered the statement! It was almost unbelievable.

Passenger From Behind- ‘Driver, that was too harsh! You should apologize’

Driver – ‘All of you are mad. Did I force you to enter my bus? If you don’t want anyone to curse you, put your motor for road. Anufia.’

We were not going to have it. Pandemonium erupted. Everyone had one negative thing to say or the other about the driver. The more they talked, the more he served them the same dish.

The woman just behind him became so angry that she locked the Driver by his shirt.

See two fighting!

The Driver parked, while the pandemonium continued.

Unfortunately for the driver, a Police station was just right in front.

The woman started crying as Police Officers from the Police Station moved towards the scene of the incident. I did not wait…

Your love, now and always
Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi Esq.