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The Ultimate Veto power twist finally brings the Nigerian reality TV series to its climax, unveiling the first five of ten housemates who are secured for the finals.

The Show is set to finally reduce its initial 26 housemates to the barest minimum and the winner goes home with a 60-million-naira grand prize.

The “Pepper dem gang” edition which kicked off June 30 presented exactly 26 contestants who were gradually disqualified as the competition grew tough and moved closer to it end note.

Interestingly the last ten members of the house are as of now the top players of the game, whose will to compete for the grand sum of N60 million remains valid.

Enjoying the privilege of a large fan base, these housemates have successfully pulled needed votes to bypass evictions till the semi-finals.

ALL TIMES NEWS reviews the profile of the top ten pepper dem housemates.

1) Frodd

Chemeka Frodd Okoye

Chemeka Frodd Okoye is an investment adviser and sales executive who hailed from Anambra state.

The 28-year-old contestant recently wielded the ultimate Veto power, putting Tacha, Mike, Ike, Cindy and Elozonam up for possible eviction.

Frodd, who is also referred to as a slow tiger has garnered the support and love of the viewers. He lost his love pair Esther to an eviction eight weeks into the Big brother show.

The ultimate power holder who is set for the finals once won the Head of House (HOH) challenge.

2) Mike

Mike Edward,

Mike Edward, Husband, Athlete and CEO of the first black owned cigar company in the United Kingdom was nominated for possible eviction by the ultimate power holder on Monday.

The Nigerian Athlete has proven to be one of the strongest players of “pepper dem gang” after surviving eviction nominations with high number of votes. He remains focused on winning the grand prize with all his moves.

Although he has yet to win a major challenge, the newlywed remains positive, focused, strong and undeterred.

3). Mercy Lamborghini

Mercy Eke

Mercy Eke is a video vixen and a Lagos based business woman who continually stuns viewers with her fashion sense.

The 26-year-old is paired up in a relationship with Ike and she is the only member of the ‘power puff girls’ left in the house.

Her desire to emerge as the winner of the fourth edition of the Big brother Naija show keeps waxing stronger as the show becomes tougher.

She qualified for the finals after trading 2000 Bet Naija coins for Immunity last week.

4) Omoshola

Kola Oburoh (Omoshola)

Lagos based model and entrepreneur, Kola Oburoh (Omashola), who hails from delta state remains a strong contender for the grand prize.

He is the 3rd housemate to escape eviction and scale through to the finals after giving 1000 Bet Naija coin to Frodd in exchange for a chance to remain till the 99th day.

5) Tacha

Natacha Akide

Natacha Akide is a spunky 23-year-old Instagram sensation, Make up artiste and entrepreneur.

The controversial “no leave, no transfer” housemate is a regular name on the weekly eviction nomination list. Topping the chart of over eight nomination evictions, Tacha has shown both viewers and housemates that she remains a strong contender in the game.

She bonded more closely with Khafi after her relationship with seyi went south. Tacha was nominated for possible eviction.

6) Ike

Steve Ikechukwu

Steve Ikechukwu Onyema is originally from Imo state but is based in US. He bides his time between Texas, Houston, Maryland and Lagos.

The 26-year-old became a household name after he his paired relationship with Mercy became the most fascinating love pair for viewers and voters.

Ike who has wriggled his way out of several eviction has been placed for possible eviction alongside some tough players in the game.

Calling Frodd’s nomination “Not strategic”, the housemate feels disappointed and betrayed.

7) Seyi

Seyi Awolowo

Oluwaseyi Awolowo is a bubbly entrepreneur remains steadfast as he awaits ” 99th day” of the show after winning the Head of house challenge for the 3rd time.

The grandson of Awolowo remains strong contender of the show, emerging as the last HOH of the show.

Seyi was pal with Tacha until recently after a fight ensued between them putting an end to viewers speculations of a possible relationship.

8) Diane

Diane Yashim

Diane Yashim is an easy-going housemate who has successful wriggled her way through evictions and secured her space in the finals.

The model and aspiring cook bonded with Mercy and also found herself in hands of Elozonam after sir dee, Nelson, Tuoyo three of her favorite male housemates were evicted.

She was issued a strike last week alongside Elozonam and Cindy for carelessly dealing the red Veto power box kept in her care.

9) Cindy

Cynthia Okafor

Actress and Photographer, cnythia Okafor joined the housemates, four weeks into the show have since proven to be a contender to watch out for after pulling the second highest votes behind Tacha in the ninth eviction.

She became popular after a Ludo clash with Enkay, a now evicted housemate. Within her fifth to ninth week, she has had altercation with Frodd over a bottle of cashew and a heat argument with Tacha during the Darling challenge.

Cindy was the HOH challenge for the 11th week and has been nominated for possible eviction by the Ultimate VPH.

10) Elozonam

Elozonam Ogbulu

Elozonam Ogbulu walked into the house alongside Venita, Enkay and Cindy.

The self-employed movie producer has been an asset to groups and teams and has won few challenges which has earned him some Bet Naija coins.

Elozonam got into a silent rivalry with Frodd after using his Veto power “save and replace” to put frodd up for eviction in exchange for Venita, a now evicted housemate.

The housemate who paired with Diane in a relationship is currently up for eviction alongside other four housemate after Frodd’s Ultimate nomination.