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Adewumi Omotomike, the founder and manager of Tees Faces (a beauty brand) has highlighted the essence of mentorship for young entrepreneurs in an interview with All Times CEO’s Vision.

Use mentors and set clearly defined goals; mentors can help young people examine their business plans and ideas, they can also connect them to larger networks.

Adewumi Tomike

Ms Adewumi is a graduate of the faculty of law, Obafemi Awolowo University. Recently, she started a vlog on make-ups called The Maquillage Gist.

Read excerpts below

CEO’s Vision: What was the motivation for starting your company and how did you start?

For me the inspiration was simple; family. Whenever I needed something, I always had to wait for salary to be paid and it didn’t sit quite well with me, I mean, this is Nigeria, sometimes salaries aren’t paid at all, or it comes late. I knew in my heart I loved beauty and fashion I made up my mind to pursue my passion and monetize it. I started by getting all the knowledge on makeup and gradually perfecting the craft. I would love to point out the massive financial and emotional support I got from my mother. Having someone in your corner cheering you on also inspires you, positively.

CEO’s Vision:  What are your company’s strategic business goals?

The strategic goals for the company includes; improving customer satisfaction, gaining a chunk of the market share of the already saturated make-up industry, increasing revenues, attract investments. (And) Bring the beauty and cosmetics world closer to the people, enlightening the world about the beauty world and how healthy it is.

CEO’s Vision: Tees Faces is a rising trademark of excellence in the industry, how are you linking strategy to operations for competitive advantage in your industry?

Earlier this year I started my beauty vlog called the Maquillage Gist, it’s the first of its kind, here we discuss everything makeup and cosmetics, please watch out for TMG because we are going to blow your minds, this is the comparative advantage my brand possesses in this industry.

CEO’s Vision: Your Company is growing swiftly, how far do you envision it?

Very very far I must say, the sky is my starting point, this is my own ‘I have a dream’ which is gradually becoming a reality, the world is definitely going to benefit from this.

CEO’s Vision: What challenges do you encounter running your business and how do you think government can help create an enabling business climate in Nigeria?

Financing, you know the drill….startups have it rough financing at the initial stages but I believe that my brand’s quality speaks for itself and should attract major investors  

CEO’s Vision: What is your company’s Big Vision for economic revolution and social impact?

Our big vision for economic and social-impact. This majorly is about how the brand scales. Creating jobs and diversify into make-up products from cutting edge technology and research to satisfy the Nigerian market.

CEO’s Vision:  As an entrepreneurs and corporate leader, how do you think young entrepreneurs without opportunities can be supported?

(1) Access to finance: we should promote the early stage of financing and support schemes for young entrepreneurs (2) providing specific entrepreneurship training for young people “Skills development reduces poverty and better equips young people to find decent jobs” (UN Secretary General, 2017). (3) Use mentors and set clearly defined goals; mentors can help young people examine their business plans and ideas, they can also connect them to larger networks. (4) Give young people a sit at the table. We need more young people in the government to make more polices that would help entrepreneurs (It can be as simple as writing up a case study, recording a video or match-making. As Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma said in the early days of his business: “We will make it because we are young and we never, never give up.

CEO’s Vision: What is your advice for other young people out there striving to make it without the enabling platform or opportunities?  

Put God First in all you do, and I don’t believe there’s no opportunity because no matter how little it always comes along, just be patient and keep doing what you’re doing, perfect it, use what you have now, consistency is key and success will find you

CEO’s Vision: What are your daily work routines?

So, if I’m not in a law firm working 8 – 5, I wake up, pray, have my bath, watch tutorials on makeup, practice makeup, read about something new on makeup, talk about makeup with anyone I see, advertise Tees Faces, tell people about TMG online.

CEO’s Vision: How do you unwind and manage stress?

I listen to music, read books, watch movies, go out with friends and take cool photos.

CEO’s Vision: Thanks for your time.

You are very welcome.