Alfred Olufemi

In commemoration of May 1, a day set aside for the celebration of workers across the country, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has called people’s attention to the exploits of two outstanding workers.

In his May Day message, the senator representing Bayelsa East constituency mentioned the honesty of Josephine Ugwu, an airport worker who returned the sum of twelve million found in a toilet and the selflessness of Musa Usman who rejected a house gift from his employer for a borehole in his community.

Ms Ugwu, after the good deed a month ago, has been recognised by prominent personalities with awards and gifts given.

Last week, Daily Trust reported how Mr. Musa, a gateman, rejected a house gift from a boss he served for 25 years but opted for a borehole to be sunk in his community instead to alleviate the suffering caused by water scarcity.

“Men like Musa Usman, who served his employer faithfully, and upon his retirement, rejected a house gift for himself in preference for his employer to build a borehole for his community with the money,” Mr. Murray-Bruce posted on social media

“Women like Josephine Ugwu, an airport worker on minimum wage, who selflessly returned the sum of ₦12 million that she found in a toilet to its rightful owner.”

“Men and women like Musa and Josephine are the people we celebrate today, because their honest labour of love gives Nigeria much hope that things shall indeed get better with their dignified labour.”

“They are specimens of the sterling quality of the Nigerian worker. They are a source of pride to me and give us every reason to be optimistic about tomorrow.”

Also, while singing the praises of the Nigerian workers, he applauded their intelligence and deligence.

“Nigerian workers are indeed good people. They are hardworking. They are intelligent. They are an asset to this great nation and the world. And I gratefully celebrate them today.”

“We are not a great nation because of the minerals we have in our land. We are a great nation because of the men and women we have on our land.”

He, however, advised that the Nigerian workers and  Labour Congresses be hopeful about the state of things. “There is light at the end of the tunnel. Things will get better for Nigeria, therefore, do not give up on yourself and on Nigeria,” the tweets read.

“It has become fashionable in some quarters to talk down on Nigeria, but those who do so forget that we as a nation have a history of coming up with our best when faced with our toughest test.”

“Testing times are here, but better times are on the horizon.”